Long story on how this came about, but in 1990, I met Al Goldstein, then publisher of the now defunct satirical, hysterically funny, hard-core sex rag, Screw Magazine. Al had recently gotten into a business relationship with Seka, an ex-70’s porn queen, who had started a phone sex service that capitalized on her name. Al was a multi-millionaire who lived in the three story brownstown next to Bill Cosby on the upper East Side of Manhattan. Jenna Jameson Has Closed Her Legs On The Pr0n BizHe said he made more money in one month as a mere partner in the phone sex biz than he did in a year with his magazine. Imagine what Jameson and people like Danni Ashe (”Most downloaded woman on the Internet”) have made over the years as the queens of interwebitube sex as they reached out and tugged at the world. Before the amateurs with digicams took it over, of course.