Ed RendellEither Ed Rendell (former Philadelphia mayor and now running for governor of Pennsylvania) or John Lehman (Secretary of the Navy under Reagan).
I met Rendell when I was about 9 or 10, my best friend’s parents were good friends of his and one year (he was still mayor at this point) he came to the Christmas party they used to throw every year. I was downstairs with the rest of the kids and all the adults were upstairs, Rendell went out of his way to come downstairs and hang out with us for a few minutes. He’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met, which is why I’m seriously considering voting for him for governor even tho I disagree with a lot of his issues (he’s also a stand-up guy as opposed to his GOP opponent, Mike Fisher, who is a nobody).

I met Lehman after my high school graduation, he gave a speech at our commencement and I got to meet him afterwards because I’m going into Navy ROTC. Also a great guy, spent about 15 minutes talking to me and even posed for pictures with me and my dad (a Navy vet who served in Vietnam).

So who’s the most famous person you guys have met?